Social Security Disability - Waiting on Hearing

The National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives (NOSSCR) just released the average waiting time on getting a hearing scheduled at each hearing office. The Grand Strand hearing office is based out of #72 Charleston, South Carolina. On average, it takes 498 days to get a hearing date, from the day you request a hearing. A request for hearing is the appeal after you've already been denied twice. For more questions concerning the Social Security Disability process and hearing times, please contact The David Law Firm at (843) 488-1415.

Formed in 1979, NOSSCR presented its first Social Security disability law conference in New Orleans. More than 100 attorneys and other advocates attended, and NOSSCR has grown in membership and services ever since.

Today, NOSSCR is more than 4,000 members strong, with members in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. The organization has served many vital functions including becoming pioneers in continuing legal education through its educational programs for Social Security and SSI claimant's representatives. NOSSCR also provides a research clearinghouse for practitioners, including briefs, case law, memoranda of law, and questionnaires.

Over the last three-plus decades, the organization has always stayed true to its mission of encouraging the highest quality representation and advocacy on behalf of persons seeking SSDI and SSI benefits. NOSSCR has joined with other organizations to advocate for improvements in the disability determination and the adjudication process. NOSSCR’s leadership on these issues has provided frequent opportunities for NOSSCR officers and its Executive Director totestify before Congressional committees.

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