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Does the Government Shutdown Affect My Social Security Disability Claim?

The partial shutdown of the federal government that began on December 22 did not require the furlough of any SSA employees, because Congress and the President already completed the SSA appropriations process for all of Fiscal Year 2019. However, the Justice Department is one of the agencies affected by the shutdown. Some attorneys are furloughed, and non-essential services have ceased. This affects some Social Security cases in federal courts, though different district and circuit courts are handling the situation differently. While some courts have announced they are conducting business as usual, NOSSCR has heard from members that courts in Kentucky and Ohio are suspending cases where the U

Does Drowsy Driving Equate to Drunk Driving?

Getting enough sleep can be a challenge for many people. Between work and family obligations, time for sleep may be limited. When you add in having time to relax and enjoy some down time, the amount of hours left for sleep diminishes quickly. More than likely, you have experienced days where you feel as though you are on autopilot. You may not even remember your morning or evening commute. Perhaps you even joked, "It's a good thing the car knows the way." You may say that in jest, but you also know that you could be lucky that nothing went wrong while you were driving drowsy. Drowsy driving vs. drunk driving You may wonder how sleepiness could possibly be compared to drunkenness. After all,

Closed Head Wounds from Accidents

Closed Head Wounds from Accidents Following any injury with an impact to the head, it is vital to carefully observe changes in feelings, sleeping, diet, or ability to control bodily functions. Even if the impact seemed minor or there are no apparent signs of injury, look for these signs that could be indicators of closed head wounds. Closed Head Wounds: Hidden Danger The human skull is resilient; the brain within is more fragile. Even without obvious skull fracture or bleeding, accident victims could suffer injuries. Open head wounds are those with obvious damage or penetration to the skull. Easy to diagnose, and should be treated immediately. Closed head wounds include concussions and traum

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